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Re: Digital camera, legal or not for documentaion

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>Chris' comment about the lack of an, "original image," in digital photgraphy
>(below) assumes that the storage media is a read-write memory card. 
Point taken. The real reason I use film is the $800 price tag. For $800 I 
have a Canon 35 mm with a lens that'll focus down to 3 inches for welds 
and broken bolts with $200 left over for a good shirt pocket 
point-and-shoot that I use in places where I'd rather not shlep the 
Canon. And I can get the shots printed to a CD for only a few bucks. 

Thc Canon satisfies my bean-counting instincts. In my guts I lust 
unspeakably for a digital.

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___________________________| John Sedgwick, Spotsylvania 1864)

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