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FW: Floor vibration design

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The vibration criteria that you have been given is very confusing and it
looks to me not very usefull.  Velocity is a vibration criteria often used
in semiconductor manufacturing floors. A typical semiconductor facility is
designed for 250 micro-inches/sec and this usually entails deep concrete
waffle slabs with a tight column spacing.  You will need to get more
definition on the criteria (eg; frequency range and sampling procedure) and
see a vibration consultant about the impacts.  The way that we work with a
vibration consultant is to present the criteria and a typical framing
layout.  The consultant will propose member sizes to meet stiffness
requirements for a given vibration criteria.  By my guess, the 4000
micro-in/sec criteria looks like an office floor.  In that case, the more
usefull vibration criteria (and easier to understand) are the AISC

Good luck, and if you need names of vibration consultants, please e-mail me
and I'll help you out.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR

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Subject: Floor vibration design

We have some plans that specify that the floor system shall
be designed for a "max velocity of 4000 micro-inches/sec".
What does this mean and how do you accomplish this?

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