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Re: Welding "Around the corner"

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LRFD connection manual p. 8-123 Fig. 8-40 and ASD connection manual p. 2-39 Fig. 2-30 illustrate this pretty clearly.

Jason Emoto

>>> "Ryan Lawton" <RLawton(--nospam--at)> 11/16/01 10:31AM >>>


When you weld, lets say an angle to flat plate, and have both the longitudinal  weld along the leg, and the perpendicular weld at the end, is the weld supposed to be returned continuously " around the corner"? ASD pg. 5-68 says it is supposed to be a continuous weld, then LRFD pg. 6-76 says "fillet welds which occur on opposite sides of a common plane shall be interrupted at the corner common to both welds...... When LRFD says opposite sides, do they mean on the back side of the plate, which would happen with a pipe to a knife plate, or do they mean the corner, which is the corner to adjacent planes on the same side of a plate.  Did they change this "continuous" rounding the corner for some reason??

Thanks in advance

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