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RE: Welding "Around the corner"

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Title: RE: Welding "Around the corner"

> the weld supposed to be returned
>continuously " around the corner"? ASD
>pg. 5-68 says it is supposed to be a
>continuous weld, then LRFD pg. 6-76 says
>"fillet welds which occur on opposite sides
>of a common plane shall be interrupted at the
>corner common to both welds...... When LRFD
>says opposite sides, do they mean on the back
>side of the plate, which would happen with a
>pipe to a knife plate, or do they mean the corner,
>which is the corner to adjacent planes on the
>same side of a plate.  Did they change this
>"continuous" rounding the corner for some reason?

LRFD and ASD have the same requirements and recommendations here.

It is OK to turn a corner with a weld, just as long as in doing so you don't go to the other side (face) of the plane of contact between the parts being welded together. The point of contact as you travel to the back-side will melt into a very nice (but structurally undesirable) notch if you do.


Examples of when it is OK to turn the corner: