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Re: Adding an Elevator to an Existing Historic Building

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	I just did this for a building in the equivalent of zone 0 to zone 1
seismic.  The only problem we had was interference with an existing
column foundation which required removal of the foundation and column
together with the lengthening of some beams.

	The most costly four words in this type of construction are "while
we're at it".  An historic building in zone 3 may not meet current code
for lateral load resistance so "while you're at it" you should check out
the lateral load resistance of the building and design the elevator
shaft to accommodate any deficiencies.  This suggests use of reinforced
concrete for the elevator shaft and may affect the size of the footing. 
Don't overlook the floor diaphragm deficiencies.

	Sorry, I can't help you with any specific codes or standards.


				H. Daryl Richardson

> Bill Marczewski wrote:
> I have been charged with the structural design of adding an elevator
> and its corresponding shaftway to the interior of an existing historic
> building located in Seismic Zone 3.  The building is four-stories, and
> constructed of masonry exterior walls, with a wood floor framing
> system.  I'm not certain at this time if the masonry is reinforced or
> not.  I have a general idea of how to attack this design challenge,
> but would be grateful to hear from anybody who has experience with
> this type of work.  Specific input with respect to specific code
> requirements, analysis techniques, and construction material and
> methods would be especially helpful.  Any input from this list would
> be helpful.  Also are there any publications or proceeding(s) papers
> on the evaluation and upgrade of existing structures (historic or not)
> that anybody has knowledge of?  Thank in advance.
> Bill S. Marczewski
> bmarczewski(--nospam--at)

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