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RE: California Civil PE Exam Preparation.

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It's been 10 years since I took PE exam, so the exam & latest, greatest
texts/references have changed; thus, I'll offer you general advice that
might help:  DO NOT waste the time & effort to lug every technical book you
own (& that your friends' own) to the exam because you will only open up
those books that you are familiar/comfortable with.  In other words, in the
heat of battle, you will not turn to a text that you've seldom/never used
( your best references will be texts you've spent a lot of time in).
As w/most exams, hardest part is prep.  Need to get to where you're working
old test problems (quickly) w/o looking at solutions 'til you're through.

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I'm taking the California Civil PE Exam in April and would appreciate input
regarding preparation suggestions for the Civil Exam, as well as the
Seismic, and Surveying portions of the exam.  I now live in a non-metro
region, and don't think any review courses will be locally available.  I
intend to develop my own study schedule during the next four months, and
have the discipline to adhere to it.  My experience has been in structures,
and will now face a true civil exam as many of you have experienced.  Other
than the board recommended references does anybody have any suggestions for
"must have" references?  Thanks.
Bill S. Marczewski
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