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RE: Anchorage to existing concrete

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Apparently you are trying to develop tension forces in the rebar.  If you
don't have enough wall thickness to anchor a straight bar, drill through the
wall, add a Lenton Terminator to the back side.  Counter sink and grout the
space between the terminator and the wall, and grout the space between the
rebar and the hole where it goes through the wall.  This will actually be
more effective than a hooked bar in the shear wall.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Anchorage to existing concrete
> Dear Colleagues,
> I'm working on adding a shear wall on top of an
> existing reinforced concrete wall. To develop the
> required moment at the bottom of the new wall, I need
> to provide a large amount of rebars at each end of the
> new shear wall, and transfer their loads to the
> existing concrete. So the block shear resistance and
> anchorage shall be provided in a short length of the
> wall. 
> Now, what are the possibilities for anchoring new
> shear wall rebars to the existing concrete? 
> I've already checked some solutions through Hilti
> anchors, but it seems that the wall thickness (12") is
> not enough to accommodate all required anchors.
> I appreciate any comment and help on this issue,
> Thanks,
> Frank
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