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Single Family Home design + Construction

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Attention  SEAINT  List:

Single Family home design is not my speciality  but as a structural engineer, 
 friends occasionally ask for my expertize in the design and construction of  
their single family homes.

Over the years I have see several examples of shoddy construction  practices.

More recently a couple of close friends are building luxury homes  (> $3/4 
mil  - more than 3500 Sq - ft)

Here's what I have found.  

A Truss over a family room supporting the roof  being supported  by a bundled 
group 6 - 2x6's  on one end  (great) while the opposite  end had one  2x6!

Steel beams  over the garage to support the second floor having no  anchorage 
at the ends.   The beams were simply placed over steel posts  with no 
connection.  The beams weren't even at the proper elevation so they were 
shimmed with several pieces of sheet metal.

But the following is what is of some concern.  Maybe some of you can provide 
the design practice in designing floor systems for homes.

In  the bathroom there is a large Jacuzzi .   I observed prefabricated wood 
floor joists to support the floor.  There was No doubling up of the joists 
under  the Jacuzzi so I questioned the owner.  I requested  to see 
calculations for the floor system to support the Jacuzzi.

So far No One has been able to provide me with an indication that any type of 
calculation was ever performed.    Is this typical??

I just recently did a peer review of Plan for another house for a friend.
I noticed  that a W12x35 steel beam had been provide over the garage the 
support the second floor.  What was interesting is the beam did NOT align 
with the exterior second floor stud wall which supports the roof.   

With more and more luxury  homes being constructed with long spans and 
unusual framing,  Numerous load  transfers I wonder what if any structural 
engineering is being performed  or is it just being left to carpenters  to 
figure out?   The architectectural plans show little if any of  the 
structural framing beyond typical details-  

Bob  Johnson
Buffalo Grove,  IL  

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