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Re: Query on foundation approach

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Consider mini piles taken down to rock on the spread footing side. They can be installed with about four feet of headroom by a small machine. You could anchor the tops of the mini piles to the spread footings.

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Subject: Query on foundation approach
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 19:27:34 -0800

An existing beach house. The residence is underlain by 5 to 20 feet of sand over bedrock (north to south). The southern 1/3 of the residence is founded on caissons in bedrock while the northern portion is on spread footings and piers on sand. To mitigate differential settlement what methods of foundations or underpinning are available or suggested. Methods which would not destroy the existing house or structure. Access is very limited. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Chris Lillback P.E.

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