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Re: Beach House Foundation Improvements

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If I understand correctly the south part, which is 20' above rock, already 
has an adequate caisson foundation system.  It sounds like this part of the 
structure might have been an addition since no one would have gone to the 
trouble of drilling deep caissons but not shallow caissons, would they?  In 
any case, it seems that there is really no way to adequately support part of 
a structure on "shifting sands" with another part on rock.  In other words, 
wouldn't you have to add caissons to the rest of the house in order to make 
it similarly stable?  

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

<< Gentlemen,
An existing beach house. The residence is underlain by 5 to 20 feet of =
sand over bedrock (north to south). The southern 1/3 of the residence is =
founded on caissons in bedrock while the northern portion is on spread =
footings and piers on sand. To mitigate differential settlement  what =
methods of foundations or underpinning are available or suggested. =
Methods which would not destroy the existing house or structure. Access =
is very limited. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Chris Lillback P.E. >>

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