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RE: A588 Steel.

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ASTM A588 steel is available, but it is limited.  Before using A588 steel
anywhere, I would suggest a lot of homework.  I would suggest you start with
the biggest producer which is Bethlehem's Burns Harbor / Lukens group.  They
have all of the suggested welding applications.  I would also suggest that
you check out all of the advisories.  I will list some of the most germane
web sites.

It is important to use the detailing requirements of AASHTO as opposed to
AISC.  They have minimum connection plate thickness requirements due to the
problem of pack rust forming between the faying surfaces.  This was a
problem first encountered when weathering steel was used in the telecom
tower industry in the '70's.  As a result of those problems, the telecom
tower industry dumped A588 and now use galvanized steel only.  

Another "oops" worth studying is the Aloha stadium.  Their lesson was what
happens with marine air in contact with A588 steel.  The passivating layer
does not protect the steel as well as originally thought when the moist air
contains chlorides and sulfates.  

Harold O. Sprague

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> Does anyone know how available A588 steel ( realistic, not what the AISC
> manual
> says) is in Wide flange shapes and in plates and about how long is the
> lead
> time?
>  Also, any recommendations on welding rods for welding A588 to A588 and
> welding
> A588 to A992.
> I thank you in advance for your comments.
> Regards,
> Nick Pitera.

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