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Difference between a Culvert and Bridge

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C M,

I think that one of the things that defines a culvert is whether it has an 
invert that is integral with the structure and that the superstructure is 
also integral with the vertical supports.  Typically, earth fill is on top of 
a culvert, whereas a bridge usually has its top surface as the riding surface.

The structure that you describe would be called (here in Arizona) a 10-barrel 
box culvert.


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

C M Iqbal wrote:

. > Hello,
. >    A very basic question about bridges and culverts. Normally, the span 
. > length is the main criteria to demarcate between a culvert and a bridge. 
. > Say, when the span is less than 6.5m (or 20 ft), it is called a culvert 
. > and it is a bridge when the span is more than the specified length.

. >     What will we call a structure of a total span of 30m between the
. > abutments, but we divide the structure into 10 cells/spans of 3m each, 
. > such as multi-span slab or multi-cell box type structure. The height of 
. > the structure is  3m. Should we call it a bridge or a culvert.

. >     Thanks
. >     C M Iqbal

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