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RE: Query on Foundation Approach

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This is a good suggestion.  Check it out at

Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	Query on Foundation Approach
> Chris,
> If it's available in your area (I assume it is), I
> suggest Soil Solidification.  For a couple thousand
> dollars, a specialty contractor injects a magic liquid
> (something silicate), which turns sand into sandstone.
>  They use a thin wand to do the injection; they can
> start out maybe 10 feet down or more, continuing to
> pressure-inject this stuff as they withdraw the wand. 
> Depending on the sand, the magic liquid will saturate
> an area maybe 4 feet in diameter; the contractor thus
> pushes his wand into the ground every 4 feet or so. 
> The result is a coherent block of material that can
> hold a vertical cut, and will safely carry (I'm told)
> around 15000 psf with minimal settlement in what used
> to be loose sand.
> I've used this method when I had to put a footing
> (near grade) next to an existing deep basement wall,
> to reduce lateral load on the wall.  It's also handy
> when you want to dig down along (and below) an
> existing foundation without worrying about sand
> sluffing into your excavation and undermining the
> foundation.  Very handy technique in retrofit work, if
> you're in relatively clean sand.
> Mike Hemstad, P.E.
> St. Paul, Minnesota
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