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RE: A588 Steel.

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Take a look at the ASME STS-1-1992 "Steel Stacks".  There is an update
scheduled to be out soon.  They build steel stacks out of all kinds of steel
including regular carbon steel.  They provide for a corrosion allowance,
coatings, stainless, etc. for all ranges of temperatures and corrosives.
They also consider A 588 steel.  It is worth a look at what the steel stack
people do for corrosion in high temperature applications.  

A 588 wide flange shapes are not exactly off the shelf.  A 588 plate steel
is more commonly available than rolled shapes.  If you do use A 588, you
might find it cheaper and easier to use a plate girder.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Thanks for all the responses. I truly appreciate the comments.
> Aesthetics are not my concern.
> Perhaps I should have clarified my logic for using A588. I have an
> Industrial
> high temperature ( runs at 500 degrees F when things are working right)
> environmental "oven" that is made of A588 steel. The company that made the
> "oven" went belly up. There is a steel beam 21'-0" long inside the oven
> that
> needs structural reinforcing due to new loading conditions. My first
> choice is
> to place a sister beam to help carry the load if it is physically
> possible. The
> oven is basically a row of steel canisters 21'-0" in diameter and about
> 40'-0"
> tall.
> I prefer to use A588 steel if possible. My concerns are welding A588 steel
> ( end
> clip plates and lateral bracing to the adjacent A588 beam) and
> availability of
> wide flange sections in A588 steel.
> Regards,
> Nick Pitera

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