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LRFD 3rd edition has arrived - VT weld testing

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I just received my LRFD  Manual - Third Edition.  It looks like quite a manual!  I can't wait for the "unified" manual, it may need its own bookshelf!
Anyway, I was surprised to find the following paragraph regarding weld testing on page 8-4:
"In the absence of instruction, AWS D1.1 Section 6.6.5 states that the fabricator or erector is responsible only for those weld discontinuities found with VT.  If additional inspection more stringent than VT is later required, the owner is normally responsible for the cost of weld repairs other than those identified by VT"
I am not a weld inspection expert, but that to me sounds a lot like this:  "If I didn't tell you that I was going to check the compressive strength of the concrete, then if I do check it later and it is not OK then it is the owner's problem"  I'm sure I must be missing some basic fundamental difference because of my ignorance, but what is it?
As always, thanks in advance for your insights.
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