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Re: private email for Re: Re: 1997 NDS Equation Error?

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Yes, two of us in our office received emails from this person.  They had
attachments.  We didn't open them for two reasons.  1. We don't know who he
is.  2.  Attachments can contain viruses.  I recommend adding this address
to your blocked senders list.  Based on what I've heard today, I'm going to
set up a rule for him that deletes the message from the server before


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> David,
> I also received a private e-mail (also blank) from this same address
> regarding a question that I had about galvanized TC bolts.  The e-mail had
> an attachment that was titled "fun" something.  I can't remember the exact
> title.  I deleted it thinking that it might be a virus.  Did your e-mail
> from this person have an attachment?  If it did, I recommend that you not
> try to open it.  Has anyone else received e-mails from this person?
> Ken
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