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RE: Log homes

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What are your specific questions?  We play with them on a consistent basis, and yes log homes are a unique but fun to design structure.
In General:
Log homes do have some inherent "problems" do to the physical properties of the logs i.e.. shrinkage, settlement, cracks and checks.  Depending on where the home is located ventilation of insulated spaces (the use of cold roofs) maybe an issue.  Lateral load resistance can also get complicated do to lack of a structural diaphragm and shear walls (2x6 t&g decking, and horizontal stacked logs have low shear values) and the fact that owners want large "view" windows.  
 If you want to discuss this further or be more specific you may contact me at kmoulton(--nospam--at) . 
Kari Moulton 
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Subject: Log homes

     I'm doing the architecture for a "story and a half" log home.  I've searched the archives and didn't find anything there but remember several posts in the past.
     Does anyone on the list have advice or references about log construction? 
 I'm on digest form and it is like driving a train from the back - so - it will take a day for me to respond or answer qualifying questions.