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Wood Moment Frame?

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I'm looking at a fairly simple garage.  Wood trussed roof,
wood shear walls, etc.  The walls are 11 ft. high.  The 
front of the garage has a 16 ft. x 10 ft. door.  The panels
on either side of the garage are only 2 ft. wide.  Total 
seismic shear on this wall line is 1200 lbs.  Seismic zone 3.

The engineer of record shows the LVL header over the 
garage door extending to the end of the 2 ft. wide panels on
either side of the garage.  He has holdown straps from the
foundation to the holdown posts.  He also placed straps from
the holdown posts to the LVL header at the top.  Something
like a moment frame?  

He claims that since he is restraining the rotation of the shear
wall at the top, then the inflection point is at mid-height of the
panel.  Therefore, the panel height is only 5-1/2 ft., which 
doesn't violate the 3-1/2 to 1 ratio for shear walls required
by the UBC.

I don't agree with this, and told him so.  I think the panel height
should be from the bottom of the header to the top of the
foundation wall.

What do you think?  Any kind of documentation on something
like this?

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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