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Over or under?

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After a while, it doesn't make any difference!

If I am concerned about reinforcing or cover plate cutoff points, I will draw 
it on the tension side.  Otherwise, I tend to draw it on the compression side.

When a person is in school, rigid definitions and procedures are specified.

After a while, you adjust, and it doesn't make any difference.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Jason Kilgore wrote:

. > A guy in our office is writing a program for roof drop beam analysis and
. > design.

. > When we were allowed to review it and give comments, an immediate argument
. > broke out about which side of a beam to draw a moment diagram on.
. > Traditionally, a beam moment diagram is drawn on the compression side
. > (positive moment up and negative moment down -- as shown in the AISC
. > manuals, for a simple-span beam the moment line is over the beam line) 
. > and a frame moment diagram is drawn on the tension side.

. > The programmer drew the drop-beam system like a frame (positive down and
. > negative up), because he says that's the way he's always done it.  I 
. > believe we've talked him into adding an user option to select how it looks
. > (either over or under the beam).

. > But now I'm curious.  How many of you draw beam moment diagrams on the
. > tension side and how many on the negative side?

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