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RE: Excel to Acad

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Normally, I would agree with you, but this is where the question
originated. Martin Johnson was having problems inserting an Excel
spreadsheet table into AutoCAD 2000 and sought an easier way to do this.

I have had the same problem. In my case the problems stems from
diminishing resources that will either paste the object in, losing
information in the process, or simply hanging up and failing to make the
AutoCAD 2000 (the Windows version rather than the initial DOS based
version) treats Excel objects as part of the OLE (Object Linking and
Embedding). Depending on the size of the drawing and the Excel
spreadsheet, the user is apt to run out of system resources or memory
before the object can be properly embedded.
I've given up attempting to embed my shearwall schedules into AutoCAD as
they will crash each time I try. I have not tried this since I installed
XP and it may be that those who have used NT or Windows 2000 have had
better results as system resources do not deteriorate as quickly.
I use a plotting service and will send them my PLT files and will
include the shearwall schedule in PDF format. I identify the location on
a drawing which is to receive the schedule and request the blue-printer
to create a sticky-back from the schedule (scaling as needed so long as
it remains readable) and have them insert it on the vellum.
If the drawing is small and the excel table too, then the chances of
making the insertion without crashing improves. 
I don't consider myself a novice with AutoCAD (I've been using it since
release 2.5). I have simply given up trying to work with OLE -
especially where Excel is required. 
Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
Administrator - The Structuralist.Net
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I read your post to the SEAINT mail server. Going from Excel to Acad is
difficult.  In excel, you copy to the clipboard.  In Acad, choose "Paste

Special" and then "AutoCAD Entities"  It doesn't work perfectly because
have to have to join up the lines in the corners and along the sides,
but it 
still saves me time.

Mark Johnson PE

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