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RE: HELP: wind loading - International Codes of practice

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Harold O. Sprague

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> Subject:	HELP: wind loading - International Codes of practice
> Dear all,
> I'm a graduate student working on a paper regarding wind loading on
> tall buildings.  I would like to expand the topic of the paper by
> including/comparing wind loading specifications as they are currently
> given in codes of practice of various countries around the world. 
> I have searched the web in order to locate an electronic copy of such
> specifications but so far I have not found any thing in particular. I
> was wondering if someone in this list might know where/how to locate
> these specs.  I would greatly appreciate his or her help in this
> matter.  
> Codes on which I'm interested in are codes from different European
> countries, Australia, or any other country. 
> Thank you in advance,
> Tom Steffon
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