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Re: Wood Moment Frame?

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Can you extend these narrow panels beyond the edge of the side walls to make 
them comply with the code?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dan Goodrich wrote:

. > This was my concern from the start.  I got involved with the project
. > because of an issue with a suspended concrete floor slab.  As I was
. > going through the plans, I noticed the narrow shear walls.  Out of
. > curiosity I called the EOR to find out how he justified it.

. > Apparently, the report that John Rose mentioned is about to be
. > published.  This is the response I got from Tom Skaggs:

. >     "The information that you request has recently been finalized in APA
. > Report
. >     T2001L-56 "Narrow Wood Portal-Frame Bracing Segments"."

. > I don't know when it will be available though.  He is going to mail me a
. > copy.  Thanks, John!

. > I think I have talked the EOR into using a Strongwall.  We'll see.
. > He did not perform a deflection check.  I doubt it would meet the
. > code requirements.  I've noticed that a few of the strongwalls have a
. > full height metal strap at the edge.  I wonder if this is to limit
. > deflection?

. > George Richards asked "Where is the life safety issue?"
. > If only we had to worry about life safety.  What do you tell the
. > owner/lawyer
. > when the garage door won't open after the big wind storm because the
. > garage is slightly out of plumb?

. > Thanks for all the input.
. > Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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