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RE: Prestress Losses in a Concrete Dome with a Post-Tensioned Ten sion Ring

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"Thin Shell Concrete Structures", by David P. Billington, published by McGraw-Hill doesn't specifically address prestress loss, but it does contain useful information about design of domes with a prestressed ring beam.
-- Joel
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Subject: Prestress Losses in a Concrete Dome with a Post-Tensioned Tension Ring

I'm designing a concrete dome for permanent support of an existing unreinforced stone masonry roof and ceiling for stabilization of a historic structure.  The existing roof/ceiling structure is to be suspended from the new structure.  I'm looking into using a concrete dome with a post tensioned tension ring.  Long-term deflection needs to be minimized in order to protect historic finishes on the ceiling.
Can you recommend references that will help me determine long-term deformations of the concrete dome?
A reference published by ASCE has been suggested: Structural Analysis and Design of Nuclear Plant Facilities, which has recommendations for containment structures.  I don't find that title in the current ASCE publication catalog.  The copy that is available for me to borrow was published in 1980.  Is there a more recent title or other publication that may help with determining deflections?
My dome analysis is being done using SAP 2000.  Means of directly determining the effects of prestress losses do not seem to be included in the program.  I assume that, once the parameters of the prestress losses are determined, deflections can be calculated by SAP 2000 by appropriate modifications to the properties of the dome elements.  Does that seem true?
Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
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