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Re: Open Web Joist Reinforcement

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Title: Re: Open Web Joist Reinforcement

I have been involved in reinforcing existing open web joists a for a number of projects. We have done it one of two ways. The first and most difficult is to take all of the pertinent measurements of the joist and model it to determine the existing forces in the members due to the existing loads. Then add the new loads and identify which members fail. Add the appropriate section to those members that fail to bring them out of the failure range. Don't forget to check the seats. The second method is to find the original joist manufacturer and contact them. Provide them with the new load diagrams and hire them to redesign the joists and reinforcing.

I prefer to hire the original joist manufacturer as they usually have all of the information pertaining to the original joists. If you cannot locate them or they have gone out of business, you must measure the existing joists very carefully, as they often roll members to 1/64 of an inch. I would recommend using a micrometer.