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RE: Dryvit (was Re: Straw house - serious this time)

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Have you ever taken a hammer to a Dryvit wall (fiber reinforced backing
included) and compared in to a similar impact on a stucco wall?

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From: 	Paul Feather [mailto:pfeather(--nospam--at)]
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Subject:	Dryvit (was Re: Straw house - serious this time)


What problems with Dryvit?  Out here in the dry states we use Dryvit all the
time, and my impression has always been Dryvit is superior to stucco, not to
mention the reduction in seismic mass.  I can recount multitudes of stucco
problems where the mix is at the mercy of the applicator.

Paul Feather
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From: Glenn Otto
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Subject: Straw house - serious this time

I read up a little bit on the straw bale houses.  I saw that most states in
the nation have at least one.  We do not have any here in Virginia.  On the
coast, we have enough problems with wind-driven rain and "Dryvit" fake
stucco.  Straw bale construction with stucco would never make it.

Glenn C. Otto, PE
Virginia Beach, VA

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