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RE: Dryvit / EIFS

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Exterior Insulating Finish System (EIFS) is the generic Dryvit.  The
problems that they have had are legendary in the Eastern US.  The builders
are even having trouble getting insured.  You might want to look at the
following link:

The problems that they have had are water ingress primarily due to poor
construction detailing, but the entire industry has taken a major hit.
There are now some systems that allow for a cavity between the building
paper and the back of the polystyrene insulation.  Example:   It serves the same purpose as the cavity
behind a brick facade.  The cavity is a good idea especially if you have
ever calculated the location of the dew point in a wall with an EIFS system.
That is something they will do in court rooms.

The dry states will eventually have the same problems as in the East.  It
will just take a bit longer.

Some of the EIFS systems are extremely durable, but it is important to note
that not all EIFS systems are equal, and great care must be exercised in
specifying, pre-qualification (certified) contractors, and construction
monitoring / inspection.

There are some inspection companies that have made a career of EIFS problems
similar to the opportunities that the old Sarabond masonry additive created.
The court rooms in the East are backed up with EIFS cases.

Harold O. Sprague

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> Glenn,
> What problems with Dryvit?  Out here in the dry states we use Dryvit all
> the time, and my impression has always been Dryvit is superior to stucco,
> not to mention the reduction in seismic mass.  I can recount multitudes of
> stucco problems where the mix is at the mercy of the applicator.
> 	Paul Feather

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