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virus warning

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I received a similar message from the same person and sent him/her a private 
e-mail, first removing the prepended underscore "_" from the address, 
advising that his/her computer might be infected.  The private message hasn't 
been bounced (yet) so I imagine (hope) that it was received and the machine 
will be cleaned.

Since these worms/virii automatically take random addresses from address 
books/unread messages and sent out the worm/virus, I don't think that we need 
to be any more wary of receiving e-mails from any particular address, 
*unless* they are prepended with an underscore, which makes responses to them 
go to invalid addresses.

A. Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

Paul Crocker wrote:

. >         I just received a message that appeared to be a reply to a 
. > message I posted on the listserve several months ago.  The "reply" was 
. > actually an attached virus. The message was from: gelca 
. > [_gelca(--nospam--at)]  Our copy of NAV zapped the message, but I thought I 
. > should email the list to warn anyone else to be wary of any messages from 
. > that address.

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