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Re: Concrete Freezing

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ACI 201.2R, Guide to Durable of Concrete, as well as ACI 306 documents on
cold-weather concreting, deal with how to protect concrete from freezing --
not with the effects, nor the means of evaluating concrete potentially
damaged by freezing.  ACI 201.2R has one reference to a general discussion
on the subject of frost damage in concrete by Cordon (1966).  William A
Cordon was a member of ACI Committee 201.  Maybe you could search out
Cordon's document on the web.

My guess is:
Water in concrete that is curing but that has not yet been incorporated into
the matrix as water of hydration is subject to freezing.  Water forms
crystals and expands as it freezes.  That kind of action will form
irreparable micro-cracks and voids that will weaken the concrete.  In the
absence of any other reference, I would take core-drilled specimens for
testing and compare the results with the expected strength to determine if
the concrete has been damaged.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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