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Re: increases to allowable soil pressure

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Not to say that your geotechs are wrong, there are situations where increases are not advisable. but generally speaking based upon shear testing , consolidation tests, increases are allowable. Perhaps you should simply ask the geotech if they are allowable. Sometimes they have not been provided simple information from the structural, such as the anticipated column and wall loads.I am always willing to discuss increases, shoring values, moduli, etc, with the structural. At the very least one gains a better understanding of the project. It goes both ways.
Chris Lillback
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From: Pat Clark
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 9:10 AM
Subject: increases to allowable soil pressure

To all those geo-tech type guys:
Why is it that 1997 UBC Table 18-I-A allows increases of soil bearing due to width and depth, and every soils report that I have ever seen, never allows these types of increases?   The reports only allow the increase due to short term loading / total loading.
Thanks for the input,
Pat Clark, P.E.