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RE: cantilever rigid diaphragm analysis

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Check the shear in the cantilevered segment of the deck and provide drag bars to take the shear into shearwall line. I would also provide some reinf. steel at the right edge of your cantilevered deck running north-south back into the main diaphragm as a chord.
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Subject: cantilever rigid diaphragm analysis

In a concrete deck mezzanine (in a tilt-up building) w/ shearwall missing in 2 side along the perimeter ("1" and "2" in the drawing below), what are the localized check to be done in the rigid diaphragm in area "a", for seismic analysis?
Any other considerations besides the rigid diaphragm analysis?
Thanks in advance.
Luca Musacchio P.E.
sw indicates shearwall along the line
!                                             !
!                                             !
!                                             !
!____1___                               !
!             ! 2                             !
!       a    !__________________!
!                           sw              !
!                                             !
!              concrete                   !
! sw            deck               sw  !
!              mezzanine               !
!                                             !
!___________sw ____________!