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Re: Two conditions in residential construction

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> They are doing what!!!!.  The "other engineer" is
> not responsible for the
> job, you are.  I would not accept straps instead of
> a wood shear wall,
> period.  If the "other engineer" wants to be
> responsible for the job, have
> them all sign a letter for submittal to the building

It is shame to structural engineering community. I
have recently seen a remodeling of a huge 3-story
house where almost all the existing (shear) walls were
removed and replaced with one or two steel-frames or
Simpson strong-walls without strengthening other
existing components, and the client was told that
'your house is designed to resist 7.0M earthquake'.

In some cities, plans are not really checked -
anything gets approved once they see the engineers
stamp and some pages of calculations.

Obtaining a license is not enough. One could fail the
exam several times and eventually pass and will be
placed in the same catagory as those, say, wrote the
code and know the intent of the code. But, how do the
clients know they are hiring an engineer who really
knows structural engineering.

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