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Re: Un-bonded P-T in bridges

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Dear Raul,

Thank you for your reply.

One clarification to your response:

I am familiar with tendon/strand replacement and re-stressing for
cable-stays, but is the European/French experience to have unbonded tendons
within concrete beams, decks and girders too? I know that Michel Virlogeux
has been involved with several external P-T bridges (and many suspension and
cable-stayed bridges too!) but i am mainly interested in P-T tendons WITHIN
concrete flexural elements, and NOT external to these elements.

If you have any additional info that you can share that would be


Mark Geoghegan

>I'm not familiar with the american practice in this issue,
>but, yes of course in the european bridges you can see
>lots of applications with unbonded postensioned cables.
>French bridges have been using this arrangement with
>grease injection. The ease for replacement and retensioning
>of these cables, is mentioned as a clear advantage of this
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>De: Mark Geoghegan <structuraltech.vsl(--nospam--at)>
>Para: Seaint <seaint(--nospam--at)>
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>Asunto: Un-bonded P-T in bridges
>>Dear SEAINT forum:
>>I am familiar with the use of un-bonded post-tensioning in building
>>structure throughout North America, but I am not aware of any new bridge
>>projects in the USA today that use UN-bonded P-T in bridge decks - please
>>correct me if I am wrong.
>>If this is true, why?
>>Does the AASHTO/DOT code/s prohibit its use?
>>I am familiar with unbonded P-T tendons failures due to corrosion in say
>pre-1980's buildings (and a few bonded tendon failures on bridges too), but
>i am curious about unbonded PT in bridges.
>Historically, has unbonded P-T been used in bridge decks in the USA or
>parts of the world, and if so, does anyone have any project references?
>By UN-bonded P-T, I do NOT mean to include EXTERNAL P-T, rather ONLY
>greased-and-sheathed strand systems within concrete decks/elements etc.
>Thanks in advance.
>Mark Geoghegan

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