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RE: SC Bolts

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Title: RE: SC Bolts

>Is it advisable to use the 1/3 increase
>in allowable shear for slip
>critical bolts subjected to wind?
>Could using the higher allowable shear
>lead to slip at higher load levels and
>possibly bolt banging?

The 1/3 increase is disallowed in ASCE 7-98 in favor of their selectively applied 3/4 load reduction factor. It sounds like that is just a reciprocal number, but read how the have it in ASCE 7-98 Section 2.4.2 and you'll see that it is not just the inverse of a 1/3 increase applied on the load side.

With older versions of ASCE 7, I believe either the 1/3 increase or a reciprocal load reduction can be used. Check the actual version of ASCE 7 referenced in your building code. Or, if it is not referenced, see what the actual ASD load factors and associated requirements are.

Banging bolts are not directly related to the use or not of the 1/3 increase. Check out the information at the first bullet here for a discussion of causes and solutions:

Hope this helps.