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Re: lumber grade reduction

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Both the allowable size as well as the location of knots can cause problems.  I've seen some pretty ugly deck joists created by field tapering (and its a defect commonly known and noted in the forensic community). If you need a tapered joist, it is best to use an LVL or even add a ripping.
Chuck Utzman, P.E.

"George Richards P.E." wrote:

I do not know if it is code.  The rational is that for larger sizes of wood more defects are allowed than for smaller sizes so if  you cut up a piece you well end up with a greater amount of defects per area.  The concept is logical if seldom taken into account.  I would concede the point to the checker.George Richards, P. E.
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Subject: lumber grade reduction
Just received a plan check comment "if you rip a wood member, beam or joist, you have to design it as Grade 3". Is this true? If so, where is the code language to substantiate it? Thanks, Mark