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Design of elevated water storage tank

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I am trying to design a support structure for suppoting a cylindrical ( 7m dia and a height of 7.5 m ) steel water tank. The height of the proposed structure is about 50 m from the ground level and over which the cylindrical water tank will be placed.

I would like to have suggestions regarding material of construction ( either steel or concrete based on easiness in construction and economy) for the support structure.

We have two steel water tanks of identical dimension of 7m dia and 7.5 m height in the vicinity of the proposed site. The support structures for the existing tanks are of steel with base width of 7m x 7m and a height of 25m ( 3x 3 rows of steel columns with intermediate bracings at 5 equal intervals in height ) . The client wants the height of the proposed supporting structure to be fixed as 50m.

Please enlighten me whether the existing base width of 7m x 7m is adequate or i have to increase the base width to satisfy the height by width ratio. If so, what is the code i have to refer for the height by width ratio?. Which code is normally referred for the design of such structures?.Any online sites available for such design details?

Thaks in advance


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