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RE: Survey: Joint/Ladder Reinf in Masonry

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I design work all over the US, and I like to find out what the construction
practices are in the various regions.  

The debate is not so much joint reinforcing as it is partial vs. full
grouting of masonry walls.  California is unique in the almost exclusive use
of solid grouted masonry walls throughout the state.  Partially grouted
walls lend themselves more to joint reinforcing whereas fully grouted walls
lend themselves more to rebar.

The schools of thought are:
1.	Use partial grouting to reduce mass and therefor demand.
2.	Use fully grouted walls because that was what the vast majority of
masonry testing was based on.

There is no single correct answer.  I go with the flow of the regional

Harold O. Sprague

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> I wonder how many people call out joint reinf in their CMU walls instead
> of
> rebar? It seems nobody uses joint reinf in California while it is more
> common back East. Is there a specific reason why?

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