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RE: Side Plate Systems - Eureka Moment

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> Never have I felt, nor has any fabricator, owner, 
> or contractor expressed any comment that the 
> SidePlate connections looked as if "it were built 
> like a tank". 
Steve, if you re-read my comments you'll see I said that was a good thing, not a criticism.
> The SidePlate connection does not rely upon any through-thickness strength ...
Issues with through-thickness strength for column flanges have been show to be red herrings. See here:
> To assume it is naturally bulky,expensive, and expensive 
> to build & erect is wrong. To dismiss it due to feelings 
> related to its licensing use takes away an significantly 
> important option to a client. 
It is bulky. But so what? If the project economics work, great.
It does require licensing fees. But so what? If the project economics work, great.
> I think engineers should be able to responsibly 
> evaluate and recommend appropriate solutions 
> for their clients. At times that may require 
> solutions that are not traditional. 
I agree and believe that was the essence of everything I commented. There are many good choices for moment connections in special moment frames (and blast-resistant construction) in steel. Some are proprietary and the designer needs to know that. All should be considered. No one solution will always win.

P.S. I'm really enjoying these impassioned testimonials. (-: