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RE: Engineering Education & Professional Practice

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Thanks for your response.
This could be a chicken and egg thing. I'd like to suggest that we have an obligation to tell our education system something of our experience if we expect to improve the overall professional development timetable and consequently the stature of structural engineers.
Barry H. Welliver
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Subject: RE: Engineering Education & Professional Practice

There are various committees in NCSEA and the like that this
would fall under.
The Advocacy Committee has a Students and Educators sub-committee.  I guess
that would technically default to us, but at the present, we're trying to focus more on
getting structural engineering more name recognition as a career choice, then say
what the actual structural engineering curriculum is.  For now, the focus is more on
getting more numbers interested.  But, I'm sure that your points will come up at a later

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Subject: Engineering Education & Professional Practice

This forum is perhaps slanted toward the latter, however we all have experienced the former.
Is it appropriate for practitioners to have any serious influence on the "means and methods" established by schools to educate students?
My impression is that schools tend to feel comfortable off-loading design tasks to employers, which is fine to a point, but can become an impediment if taken to an extreme. I realize this discussion may evolve into a pros and cons of specific schools, but what I'm really interested in is whether or not professionals feel they have any specific way to address this issue to schools.
Thanks for your thoughts
Barry H. Welliver