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RE: Engineering Education & Professional Practice

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I agree Neil!

The Penn State grads I hire (A/E) are WAY ahead of those from my alma mater

(When I was there, I made my own A/E curriculum so I could compete with the
Illinois guys
[Bachelor in Architecture(Major in structures)] and get a job at SOM.

Whenever I get that donation call from Purdue's Civil Engineering School, I
ask them
If they've improved the curriculum to include some architectural classes.

So far, not yet.

For my senior design project, I actually produced elementary architectural
plans and sections
(after the benefit of two summers at SOM) and was thought to be a hero.

Whereas in most if not all A/E programs, full building design is a
requirement for graduation.

Unbelievably, Purdue is ranked 3rd by US News in undergrad civil.

Don't get me wrong, the kids are great, they work hard, they just don't have
the background.

Things need to change...the problem is that the professors have been out of
the industry for so long; they have no grasp
Of the different roles SE's are required to assume these days:
Project management, coordination, technical development.
(these things are a direct result of the decay in the architectural

But that's another thread.

David L. Fisher, SE, PE
Senior Principal
Fisher+Horos Structural Engineers
372 West Ontario
Chicago, Illinois 60610

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