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I guess you missed my point.  When I talked about a "mirror image"
curriculum, I was thinking of  the first two years of the Cal Poly
curriculum being taught at a community college and then directly
transferable to CP.  I believe West Valley College has this.  
I also believe that the student had to make some sort of contract with the
schools; maybe someone else can elaborate.  

I'd also be interested to note how many Cal Poly ARCE's have their
California S.E.  I'm more interested in the per centage of your graduating
class.  Mine, I believe, is 100%.

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

At 04:04 PM 12/12/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>No, I was not privileged to be around when it was originally set up, but
>the former head of the Architecture department created the curriculum
>about four to six years ago. With that said, Elementary Structures (Arch
>015) was part of the curriculum. The last instructor was a local
>architect and after discussions with past students, I discovered that
>the course could never have transferred. When I started teaching nearly
>two years ago, I e-mailed Paul Frattessa (sorry  Paul, I did not have
>time to seek out the correct spelling of your name as I should) and
>requested a copy of his class syllabus. He sent it back to me and I
>discovered how deficient those students had been. The biggest problem we...."
>semester, I have covered almost all of the same work on SLO's syllabus
>and am having greater success with the students, but have had to spend a
>great many personal hours making myself available to them without charge
>to the school...... "    and more
>Dennis S. Wish, PE
>California Professional Engineer
>The Structuralist.Net Information Infrastructure

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