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RE: Open Letter to Charlie Carter/AISC

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>I just took delivery of my brand-spanking-new
>Third Edition AISC Manual of Steel Construction,
>and all I can say is "I take my hat off to you folks."...

Bill, thank you for taking the time to send your compliments. I'm flattered
that you singled me out, but feel I should share the honor with those who
worked hard right along side of me (many, harder than me!).

The guy who really made it happen was Heath Mitchell, who now works for
Chalker, Putnam, Collins and Scott in Tacoma, WA. I was sorry to see him
leave AISC after he finished the Manual, but the Pacific Northwest had
mountains he could climb. All we had for him to climb in Chicago was
buildings and they arrest you if you go near those.

The AISC Committee on Manuals and Textbooks is the finest I've ever had the
pleasure of working with:

William A. Thornton, Chairman, Barry L. Barger, Vice Chairman, Robert O.
Disque, Marshall T. Ferrell, Lanny J. Flynn, Mark V. Holland, Bill R.
Lindley II, Leonard R. Middleton, William C. Minchin, Thomas M. Murray,
Charles R. Page, Davis G. Parsons II, David T. Ricker, Marc L. Sorenson,
Scott T. Undershute, Gary C. Violette, and Michael A. West.

Many others contributed to this work are listed in the Preface, which is
included in the table of contents linked from this page on the AISC web

Again, thank you for your compliments. And if any of you have constructive
suggestions for the next AISC Manual, I'm all ears.


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