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RE: Requiring soils reports

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Assuming allowable soil bearing pressures seems like a simple thing to do 
that is conservative, quick, and convenient.

A number of years ago I was called to evaluate the distress in a townhouse 
community.  When the community was built, the developer had soils tests 
performed and the report gave an allowable soil pressure of 600 psf.  Even 
with that, they were having problems.  The UBC at that time would have 
permitted 1,000 psf to be assumed without a soils report.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ahcene Djebli wrote:

. > Here in Colorado, Usually I like to have the Geothech Report first, But As
. > one of this forum said, The client is usually in hurry, I usally assume 
. > Max Bearing 1500 psf and Minimum 500 psf. But when It is just a small 
. > addition to a residential building, I assume 1500/500psf, since the 
. > client can not usually justify why to have a geothechnical investigation 
. > since it is just for small part of the house.

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