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Fellow engineers,

I am sending this email on behalf of a colleague who works with me at Parsons:
He is a very experienced engineer from Canada who holds a P.E. in Quebec.
He wants to sit for the P.E. exam in Pennsylvania, but the board insists that
he needs four years of local experience, despite the fact that he already has
a P.E. in Canada and some 15 years of work experience there. The board also
is requiring that he have all his original documentation from Poland translated
into English. He has done this once already for his P.E. in Canada (from Polish
to French). Naturally this could incur considerable expense. This gentleman was 
educated in Poland originally and then later in France (at the famed Ecole Pont
et Chaussee). He has a wealth of engineering experience, and has worked in 
various countries around the world on some noteworthy projects (the Hybernia oil
platform for one). In short, I cannot imagine that there is a more qualified 
professional than he who should be permitted to sit for the P.E. exam. 

I wholly understand that the board must exercise due diligence when reviewing 
an individual's education and work experience, but I think in this case, the reviewees 
are hindering his opportunity by sticking to the letter of the law. Has anyone out there, 
who has come from abroad, experienced this same difficulty? Were you able to file 
a petition and to appeal the arbitrary decision of the board? Replies are appreciated.

Al Zvarick P.E.
Parsons Energy and Chemicals
Reading, Pennsylvania

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