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Hollow Core Precast Plank Repair?

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Title: Hollow Core Precast Plank Repair?

Does anyone have any experience repairing deteriorated hollow core precast planks? I have a client who processes apples and has been doing so in a building built sometime in the 60's. The building is a steel frame with columns and beams on about 20 foot bays (of course, there  are no drawings). There are two floors. The roof and the second floor are (8" thick for the floor and 6" for the roof) hollow core precast planks. The second floor has a 6" concrete topping with an epoxy coating. The topping has numerous cracks in it which allow wash down water to penetrate the hollow cores. Over the years the water has found it's way to the rebar in the hollow core precast planks - it has rusted and spalled out the bottom of many of the planks. Some have deteriorated to the point that the whole bottom portion of the plank has fallen. My client wants to fix the situation. We have stopped the water infiltration by filling the floor cracks with the appropriate joint filler, but I have not been able to find any information concerning a viable way to repair these planks. I have recommended repair or replacement, but it has been estimated that to replace them will take about 1.5 million. Obviously, if we can devise a repair that is cheaper and will last, they would prefer to do so.

Any information that is available on repair of hollow core concrete planks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.