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Ah, Barry, you ask the most difficult questions!

. > This brings me to the question, assuming both approaches are valid, what
. > would be a reasonable weighting? 1/3 practice, 2/3 theoretical? I don't 
. > mean to be overly simplistic, but these two approaches seem to produce the
. > majority of programs.

The student going out into the design world should be grounded in sufficient 
theory so that he/she can be aware of the limitations of code provisions, but 
must also be able to apply those provisions.  And limitations are most always 
material related, not universally related.  The student going on to be a 
Ph.D. to teach other students to be Ph.D.s needs to have theory almost 

That said, it must be remembered that the typical course is a 3-unit course.  
For schools that work on the semester system, that means that they meet 
3-hours a week for 16 weeks, or 48 hours a semester.  This would be only 
6-days of full time work in a design office!  *If* the students diligently 
put in 2-hours of outside preparation for every hour of classroom time, that 
is equivalent to only another 12-days of full time work.  Not really a whole 
lot of time!

An aside to Charlie Carter:  The only student in my advanced concrete course 
that could design a concrete beam without iterating had his elementary 
concrete design at Penn State!

Roger Turk, P.E.(Structrual)
Tucson, Arizona

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