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Re: Bridge design book recommendation

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	The book I've found to be most helpful is entitled "Design of
Highway Bridges" by Barker and Puckett.  The explanations are pretty clear
and there are a LOT of worked example design problems.  The only problem
(if you could call it that) is that it is based entirely on the AASHTO
LRFD code, and most states have been reluctant to adopt this over the 16th
edition of the code.  Although if you'll be doing mostly PennDOT work, I'm
pretty sure they've gone LRFD already.

Paul Feather:

	Are you refering to the Leonhardt book subtitled "aesthetics and
design"?  (He wrote two titled "Bruken", one is small with a few black and
white photos, the other is a tome with all sorts of good stuff)  I've been
trying to get my hands on a copy of it ever since seeing it in the
university library.  I've been able to locate a few copies in used book
stores, but the cheapest price has been in excess of $200!  I guess they
mistakenly think it's one of those artsy architecture books and price it
for the collector's market.

Thomas Murphy, Ph.D., P.E.
Harrisburg, PA

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> Subject: Bridge Design book recommendation
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> I am looking to update my library with a bridge design book.  Besides my =
> local state's publications and AASHTO, can any of you recommend a bridge =
> design book that one should not be without?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ken
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