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RE: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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The problem I have with this is, of course, Constitutional. Although I
realize the genie's been out of the bottle for some time now, as a matter of
principle I could not in good conscience contact my Senators to ask them to
spend more public money in an unconstitutional Federal effort to correct a
problem that Billions in dollars already spent has not remedied.

I realize mine might be the minority view, but I believe it's time to try
something else, such as the Tenth Amendment's requirement that those powers
not specifically granted the Federal government be reserved to the states,
or the people. I find nothing in the United States Constitution that allows
the Federal government to administer funding for education, and therefore I
do not believe it is proper that it do so.

I am of the completely opposite mind when it comes to efforts within an
individual state, however, and will continue to support efforts within my
own state of Texas to improve education including funding for programs for
math and science that are deemed effective. But simply continuing to bolster
a particular lobby-the teachers' unions-in their effort to continually
increase Federal funding for programs that do not and have never worked
adequately-this I cannot do.

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Subject: FW: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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