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Re: FW: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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I do not believe that additional government funding
would enhance the quality of math and science
education. The dismal performance of our students in
science and math is the result of not letting the
teachers do what they are supposed to.

When my children were in middle school, they would
practice very little with the subjects. Homework was
pathetic. They were required to work out answers for
just 4 or 6 questions from some chapters. When I told
the teacher to force the students to work out all the
questions, she said that she could not because many
parents came and complained that their children were
being robbed of their social life!! If the teacher
persisted with her "harsh" behavior, the parents
approched the Principal which led to admonishment of
the teacher and not the parents! A few of the good and
conscientious teachers left their jobs subsequently.
That is where our problem is.

Math and science knowledge comes from dedicated and
disciplined training, somewhat analogous to the
gruelling drilling that soldiers go through. I do
believe that we have the necessary infra structure
available but we lack the dedication and the
discipline. If our teachers are allowed to perform
their jobs without irrelevant interference, we can
attain the goals that appear to be mirages.


> 82% of 12th graders are not proficient in science 
> 72% of 8th graders are not proficient in math 
> U. S. students start out strong on international
> math and science tests, but
> by 12th grade they are well below the international
> average.

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