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RE: FW: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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I wish I could say that this was an exception, but I have to say in my
experience it is the norm, Rajendran.

My wife is a teacher at the Second Grade level. Of course they don't have
much homework at that level but she is aware of school policies and parents'
reactions to them. Our schools here in Katy, TX have been able to require a
good bit of homework judging by the load my daughter (Fifth Grade) brings
home nightly. However there is continual groaning and complaining about it
from parents.

I agree with you that throwing more money at the problem will not likely do
much to improve the level of education because the problem exists at the
individual community level. I daresay that other nations such as Japan,
Taiwan, South Korea, and (I'm sure) India and Pakistan, to name but a few,
are able to educate their youngsters to excel in math and science on a
fraction of the money we spend here in the United States. At least that has
always been my impression.

Elsewhere, education is still seen as the key to a good life. Here,
unfortunately, too many parents (and hence by example their children) see it
as a "given." We take it for granted because for so long in this country
we've had good quality education for anyone who wants it.

But it has been advantageous for certain lobbyist groups, in particular the
teachers' unions, to point to declining test scores and student performance
as indications that still MORE money needs to be thrown at a problem for
which considerable sums have already been expended in the past to less and
less effect.

As the husband of a teacher I sympathize with any public school employee who
desires greater compensation. But as we know from our practice as engineers,
poor performance is not usually followed by more compensation-unless you are
an Enron executive.

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I do not believe that additional government funding
would enhance the quality of math and science
education. The dismal performance of our students in
science and math is the result of not letting the
teachers do what they are supposed to.

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