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RE: FW: Education - Math & Science Appropriations II

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> other nations such as Japan,
>Taiwan, South Korea, and (I'm sure) India and Pakistan, to name but a few,
>are able to educate their youngsters to excel in math and science on a
>fraction of the money we spend here in the United States.
Nations don't educate children. Nor does forcing children to do homework. 
My own experience (extends over several generations) is that kids teach 
themselves what they think is worth learning. Parents and teachers 
encourage by the examples they set, good and bad. School systems simply 

Parental attitudes toward education are about 90% of what it takes. When 
parents respect learning and make a real effort to provide access to 
books and experiences, kids come out able to read and write and think. 
Where parents only think about education as a way to get an approved job, 
they shouldn't wonder if their kids ask why they need history and 
literature? Where parents demand rote memorization and an unquestioning 
attitude you get graduates who think that learning means drudgery. Where 
parents fear learning, you get censorship and narrow-mindedness and a lot 
of other nasty things. Where parents emphasize a winning football team, 
you get a few college jocks, a very few NFL starters and a lot of people 
whose life peaked at the Senior Prom.


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